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Handbook for International Students


About Huai'an City


Huai’an is one of the 13 cities of Jiangsu Province which has a history of over 2,200 years and a population of 5.6 million. Its land area is more than 10,000 square kilometers.  


Huai’an is one of the renowned national historical and cultural cities and the excellent tourists’ destinations in China and the cradle of Huaiyang Cuisine, one of the 4 best-known cuisines in China.



Huai’an is about 2 hours of driving distance to Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province and 4 hours to Shanghai, the largest city in China.

Hongze Lake, the 4th largest freshwater lake in Chinathe Grand CanalHuaihe River, the Salt River and the ancient Yellow River crosses one another in the City, forming a highly-developed irrigation and water transportation system.

现在的淮安已经形成了对外越来越开放的局面, 越来越多的国内外企业,包括1000多家台资企业来淮安投资兴业。

Huai’an is now more and more open to the outside world. More and more national or international investors are coming to Huai’an, including more than 1.000 Taiwanese investors.


Huai’an has instituted integrated compulsory primary education and higher education system. There are nearly 10 institutions of higher learning in the city.


The Jiangsu provincial government is implementing the plan to build Huai’an into an important central city (hub) in the northern plain of the province.


About Huaiyin Institute of Technology (HYIT)

淮阴工学院始建于1958年,为江苏省属普通本科院校。学校现有全日制学生18000多人,专任教师近1000, 15个二级学院及近60个本科和研究生专业,20多个国家级或省级重点学科和品牌专业,10个省级重点实验室。

Huaiyin Institute of Technology (HYIT) was established in 1958. It is a multi-disciplinary engineering -focusing Institute under Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. HYIT has more than 18.000 full -time undergraduate students and nearly 1,000 full-time faculty members. HYIT has 15 faculties and 59 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It has over 20 National or Provincial level key disciplines and brand programs and 10 Jiangsu Provincial key laboratories.

学校现有枚乘路和北京路两个校区,校园占地2070, 馆藏图书140余万册中外文期刊、报纸近1800种,中外文数据库27个。

HYIT has two campuses: Meichenglu Campus and Beijinglu Campus, about 2070 mu, or 365 acres. It has two libraries with over 1,400, 000 print volumes, and 27 electronic academic databases both in Chinese and foreign languages.


HYIT has been enhancing the linkage and cooperation with overseas universities and has established cooperative relationships with universities from the USA, England, Australia, India, Singapore and Taiwanetc. Every year, a lot of students choose to go abroad to study and many teachers to study abroad or work as international visiting scholars. At the same time, many overseas teachers are invited to work with the institute and more and more international students are coming to study in HYIT.


About HYIT Scholarship for the International Students


Huaiyin Institute of Technology offers the international students the scholarship for the Chinese language program and the cross-cultural experience and exchange. The scholarship will be an allowance for the tuition fee, accommodation fee, basic meals' expenses, and pick-up fee. The international students need to pay for their international travel to and from China, travel between Chinese cities, visa expenses, insurance, and any private expenses (e.g. souvenirs, clothes, etc.).


HYIT Regulations for the International Students

淮安是中国治安状况好的城市之一,在淮安期间学习和生活是比较安全的, 但决不能麻痹大意。

Huai’an City is one of the safest places in China, and studying in HYIT is relatively secured. But it is recommended that you not take it lightly.

1. 出行时一定要遵守交通规则,注意交通安全。如有意外事故发生,要及时报警,同时要将事故报告给学校管理部门或宿舍等服务部门。务必随身携带一张印有联络人及国际合作交流处电话的卡片,以便紧急情况下联络寻求帮助。

When going on a trip, pay attention to and obey traffic regulations, report any accident or injury to the police, and the campus administration or residential services as soon as possible.

Be sure to carry with you a card bearing phone numbers of the contact person of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and the address of HYIT in Chinese in order to ask for help when necessary.

2. 要严格按照作息时间表的要求,不迟到,不早退,有事请假。如要离开淮安,必须征得国际合作交流处人员的同意,否则,出现任何涉及人身安全等问题,淮阴工学院概不负责。

Stick to the schedule and timetable, and don’t be late or leave early. Please ask for leave if there’s anything urgent to do. No one should leave Huai’an City without the permission of the relevant staff from office of International Cooperation and Exchange, otherwise, HYIT will not be responsible for any problems or issues arising, including the personal security.


Keep quiet in the classroom and the dormitory during study and rest time. Do not make too much noise and play audio loudly, etc.

4. 要保管好自己的护照和钱物(贵重物品可交由前台保管)。出门前一定要关闭水电和门窗。

Keep your passport and belongings safeThe valuables can be left in the charge of the receptionist. Always turn off water and electricity switches and close all the windows and doors before leaving the room.


Please go back to the hotel room on time. Don’t put up outsiders for the night without authorization, especially friends of opposite sex. Foreign visitors can stay accommodation with the valid papers and pay for themselves.

6.留学生不得私自更换房间,不得将门卡交给他人,不得私自移动家具设备, 不得擅自改造和损坏宿舍的公共设施。

Without permission, foreign students can’t exchange rooms with each other, give one’s own room cards to others, change the room’s furniture; foreign students should keep the room’s public facilities intact.


Please pay attention to personal and public hygiene and keep one’s room tidy. Waste and rubbish should be put in the dustbin and are prohibited to throw out through windows.


Any flammable or explosive stuff is forbidden in the room; naked flame is not allowed; any forbidden objects such as drug, dagger are prohibited to bring into the apartment. Anyone who breaks the rule should be prosecuted for his criminal liability besides compensating for economic losses.

9. 一旦生病或卧病在床时,同学必须将该情况反映给学校工作人员和他们的任课老师。

In the event of illness or incapacity, classmates are required to notify the campus staff and their course tutor.

10. 对于违纪和有刑事犯罪的学生,学校将给予开除处理,在必要时,将移交警方处理。

Any breach of the regulations or any actual or suspected criminal activity may result in immediate exclusion from the program and the suspension of all of the University facilities, and notification is made to the Police where necessary.


The Regulations are made for the mutual benefit and well-being of all the international students who are expected to be cooperative.


Useful Information

1.     通讯地址和联系方式

Mailing address and contact information





网址:http:// www. hyit.edu.cn

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

Huaiyin Institute of Technology

Add: 1 E Meicheng Rd. Huaian, Jiangsu, P. R. China  223003

Fax: 0086-517-83559103

Web: www.hyit.edu.cn

2.     常用电话

Useful phone number(Emergency phone number)



交通事故Traffic Accident:122

医疗急救  Medical Emergency: 120 or 110


Emergency Call of HYIT

保卫处电话Security Department:

魏太林(Mr. Wei Tailin13861578668

胡建民(Mr. Hu Jianmin) 0517-83591159, 0517-8355908013505231848


Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges

严敏(Mr. Alex Yan: 13301409899, E-mail:173914198@qq.com

徐晓梅(Ms.Xiao Meixu:13952386795, E-mail:921051299@qq.com


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